It's a party about YOU!

What are you doing tonight? Laundry? Washing dishes? Paying the bills? C'mon, do something really fun! Invite your friends over for a psychic/hypnosis house party....

Discover your secrets about relationships and love; get answers to questions about your future, read your pets' mind, lose weight, stop smoking, reconnect with loved ones that have passed on, relive your past lives, break bad habits, and much more...

They're the most amazing, incredible house parties you'll ever have. We predict... a great time!

The party is FREE for the hostess. Note: parties available only in the New Jersey/New York area. For more info, questions, or to book your party, email or call me. Details are below.

Cost: $35.00 per person

Special offer: host two different parties back-to-back the same evening for $60.00 per person. Each person saves $10.00. Both parties are FREE for hostess.

Min/max: 12-40 people
Party length: 2 hours
Phone/Fax: (732) 750-4377
Email: or click here
Mail: Mindreaders
P.O. Box 120
Marlboro, NJ 07746

Take the psychic challenge: write your name on a piece of paper and hide it anywhere in your house. On the night of your psychic house party, Marc will find it!!

We have different types of parties available:

Group psychic readings

Have you ever had a psychic reading? Here's a fun and exciting opportunity to find out about yourself, your relationships and your future.

Renown psychic Marc Sky will do group readings in this enlightening and entertaining session in your home. He will answer questions about your future and also show you how to be your own psychic and read for others. You will have your palm read and find out all about love, business, relationships and more.

You will also receive an 8-page detailed Numerology chart prepared specifically for YOU. Based on your name and birthday this chart will analyze what motivates you in life, the impression you give others, the way you express yourself, best careers, the lessons you must learn, your destiny, best activities for the year, cycles in your life, turning points in your life, the challenges you must meet, and your personal horoscope every day for a year.

Also included for the ladies is a Romance Astro-numerology chart revealing your sensual, erotic, romantic, fun-loving self!

Spirit encounters: how to communicate with loved ones that have crossed over

Do you have loved ones that have passed away and wonder if their spirits are still around you? Can they give you messages? Can you communicate with them? Is it possible to see or sense them?

In this extraordinary enlightening, entertaining and amazing encounter, you'll find out. Now you have the opportunity to take part in a gathering of the spirits...

Recently, psychics have appeared on television shows demonstrating the ability to contact deceased loved ones related to members of the audience. With their astonishing abilities they bring specific messages of love and comfort to the living. Now, psychic Marc Sky takes you one step beyond even that. He shows you how to do it yourself.

Through a guided experience you can visit friends, family members, (even pets), so you can communicate and connect with them. Truly, the heart does go on...

So if you want to reconnect with loved ones, or just want to have a seance and see a ghost for the sheer entertaining fun of it, here's the chance of this lifetime... To book your amazing adventure into the beyond, reach out and contact us today (by phone - not through the spirits).

Lose weight and/or stop smoking with hypnosis

This is a combination party to lose weight or stop smoking, or both. Hypnosis helps you by allowing you to break out of old routines. By imprinting new patterns on your subconscious mind, you gain control over your habits and cravings and can easily lose weight/stop smoking.

You may have seen NBC Dateline TV show from April, 2003. Titled 'Losing it: the ultimate diet challenge', Dateline put people on different diets, including Weight Watchers, Slim Fast, Atkins, extreme exercise, and Hypnosis. The person that lost the most weight, 40 of his 50-pound goal, without any medical complications, used hypnosis.

It all begins in your mind. Discover the easy way to start shedding those extra pounds and/or get rid of those life draining cigarettes through the power of hypnosis. Stop killing yourself. Get back to a more productive, energetic, healthy and longer life.

The hypnotic cure

What's your problem? Sleep, stress, phobias, guilt, anger, rejection, loneliness, fears, jealousy, headaches, sex, bad habits, procrastination, fear of failure, lack of confidence, addictions, panic attacks, cravings, chocolate? Marc will erase your problem, as a group and individually. The group doesn't have to know what the problem is. Each person can choose a specific area they would like to improve.

Reliving your past lives

Do you believe that you've lived before? Who were you in your last life? A soldier, a scientist, a nurse, a queen? A past life regression may give you answer to this and other questions relating to the possibility of past lives. Many people feel that we have lived before ­ in the past ­ as someone else. Whether to find your soulmate, learn a lesson from the past, or just for the fun of experiencing an exciting new adventure, now you can find out. Through hypnosis, you'll be regressed backwards in time. It's a relaxing and fun journey, and you may discover lessons in previous lives that can help you in your current one. Here's your opportunity to participate in the adventure of many a lifetime.

Superpower memory

How to remember anything, anytime, anywhere, easily! Are you terrible at remembering names? Forget where you put your car keys? There is an explosion of knowledge that you must absorb in order to succeed in today's world. Don't get left behind! You'll learn the secrets of developing a near-photographic memory, with very little effort. You'll discover easy and sure-fire ways to instantly recall names, faces, lists, instructions, school work, English and foreign vocabularies. Whether you're a student looking to get better grades, a sales person who has to remember your customers' names, employed or not, 15-95 years old, you WILL profit from this party and learn to dramatically improve your memory.

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