Discover how my unique programs of mindreading and/or psychic readings will make your social event unforgettable, entertaining and fun.

Mindreading show

Mysteries of the mind: entertainment for your next function that people will talk about for weeks to come. Turns your typical event into a "Wow! Wasn't that fantastic" occasion.

This 45 minute program features incredible mindreading, predicting future events, hilarious audience participation and more. Facts known only to your guests will be revealed... astonishing displays of thought reading... questions about your future answered... and more! Complete audience participation.

You will know that you made the correct decision to include "Mysteries of the Mind" as part of your event when you hear the laughter and see the amazement and smiles on the faces of your guests.

Marc guarantees people will come up to you afterwards to thank YOU for providing them with such an entertaining function.

Incredible entertainment for all ages and groups are just a phone call away. Call for prices and dates. (732) 750-4-ESP.


Fun psychic readings

Walk around psychic readings: intimate entertainment that makes your next event unforgettable and fun. People love to experience Marc Sky's quick psychic readings.

Your guests will have a wonderful time.

You'll be delighted to hear gasps of amazement and laughter as your guests are individually entertained with their own 5-10 minute readings.

Make your event sizzle...

Through fun spectator involvement for cocktail parties, hospitality suites, promotions or events, Marc's walk-around psychic readings will make the lasting, positive impression you desire.

All social functions have their similarities, i.e.; location, food, music, etc. Consider that the cake. Now, top it off and give your guests the chocolate icing! Quick, fun psychic readings, guaranteed to make your event stand out. Imagine the delight as your guests gather around and find out the secrets of their personality, their hidden talents, and what the future may hold in store for them.

Each reading is upbeat, fun, and will leave them with smiles on their faces, contributing to the success of your event. We predict..... a wonderfully entertaining time. Call for prices per hour and dates. (732) 750-4-ESP.