The Problem Eraser CD

What can you use the BioHypnosis CD for?

Attracting love
Attracting prosperity
Attracting a soulmate
Becoming charismatic
Becoming patient
Better baseball
Better body building
Better bowling
Better golf
Better racquetball
Better skier
Better tennis
Chronic pain relief
Control drinking
Control bad habits
Coping with emotions
Developing your E.S.P.
Dissolving fear
Easier childbirth
Effective speaking
Enjoy exercising
Fear of driving
Fear of failure
Fear of flying
Fear of success
Free from guilt
Freedom from drugs
Getting organized
Goal setting
Grief management
Have more energy
Healing yourself

Improving sex
Increase circulation
Increase sales
Lower blood pressure
Memory improvement
Relieving headaches
Nail biting
Out of body journey
Overcome jealousy
Overcoming obstacles
Panic attacks
Past life regression
Peace of mind
Positive attitude
Overcome rejection
Releasing the past
Self confidence
Sleeping better
Stop smoking
Stress reduction
Study skills
Taking charge
Weight loss

Hypnotize yourself to a better life

The idea of this CD is that you feed your conscious and subconscious mind positive suggestions that enable change to happen. What your conscious mind hears is the soothing sound of the seashore.

What your subconscious mind hears are two sets of three digitally encoded messages. The first three messages are designed to relax and open up your subconscious mind. The second three messages are designed to make sure that the specific suggestions you give yourself will work to maximum effect.

For maximum results, listen to this CD five minutes twice a day for at least thirty days. Play it at a low volume.

You've probably seen many types of subliminal and hypnotic CD's in stores and in catalogs. You may even have a few. Here's how the BioHypnosis CD is different:

The problems that we have are unique. The other hypnotic/subliminal CD's can only give you generic suggestions for one and all. It's impossible to design a single CD to cover a multitude of different and unique problems. Or is it?

This CD was designed to do exactly that. The only person that knows exactly what you're trying to accomplish is YOU. The only person that can overcome your problems is YOU. In other words, if you want to overcome your problems, the motivation you give yourself—the suggestions—must be specific and apply to your situation.

Writing your script for success

Get a 3x5 index card and a pen. You're going to write out your personal suggestions. Let's assume you want to lose weight. On the index card print out two to four suggestions you will give yourself while listening to the CD.

The suggestions must be super specific. Do not put down "One day I will eventually lose weight." That suggestion is a wish, not a goal. You must write down specific goals. Write, "I am eating healthier food and losing one pound a week."

Now play the CD. Begin repeating these suggestions to yourself. The first subliminal suggestions encoded on the CD will open your subconscious to receive your thoughts. The second subliminal messages will reinforce your specific suggestions and lock them in.

As you give yourself the suggestions you must involve as many senses as you can. See yourself at your ideal weight, feel how healthy you are becoming, how good you look and how well your clothes fit.

Visualize the new person you are becoming. Bombard yourself with specific positive thoughts relating to the specific problem you wish to overcome. Your subconscious will soon begin to act on those thoughts, and you will be amazed at the results you achieve. You are what you think.

Remember, any part of your life that is controlled by your mind can be improved by it. The All-Purpose BioHypnosis CD will allow to formulate your own suggestions for maximum impact. Life is too short for you to waste it. Improve your life now.

BioHypnosis CD $14.95

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